Mohawk Speedway Memories
Lap #1

I would like to thank Todd White for his contribution in helping make this section possible. You can also help with your photos. Memories are what this site is about. Your collection is not going to keep the memories alive stuffed in a box in the closet. Share your memories with the world.

All the photos on this page were contributed by Todd White.

Remember viewers these photos are over 40 years old and probably taken with something similar to a Kodak instamatic 127.
For right now most of these pages will be without text.
Viewers that remember send me your comments about the photos on these pages please.

Todd White and the first night out and the money stayed at home with Todd winning everything. Photo #mhk11

Jr. Angel drove this #48 at Mohawk.
Photo #mhk12

Photo #mhk13

Todd White drove this car for Curly Snow. Photo #mhk14

Ruben Loepp shows off his winning hardware at Mohawk with the Western Brake #65.
Photo #mhk15

Bobby Jones drove this car for Curly Snow.
Photo # mhk16

Photo #mhk17

From Left to Right Gene Keel, Ken Kennson, Johnny Elam and Gene Spencer.
Photo #mhk18

This #66 was sponsored by Don's Phillips 66.
This was driven by Donald Deck from Newton.
Photo #mhk19

Ruben Loepp #65 leads a field on a pace lap.
Photo #mhk20

Lap #2 of Mohawk Memories

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