The Northwest Arkansas Racing
Lap #3
Many of the photos of this page were from Arkansas tracks in Fort Smith, Fayetteville, Beaver Lake, Van Buren, Springdale or Roland in Eastern, Oklahoma. Many of the Oklahoma and Missouri drivers made visits to these Northwest and Western Arkansas tracks on a regular basis. Thanks go out to Jim Farmer, Vic Bockholt, Steve Bailey and Larry Owen who contributed photos.

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Contributed by Jim Farmer
Junior Leon Gray's car taken at Flying Saucier Speedway around 1955. Preston Gray believes that Phil Sangston was the Driver at the time however he also used Robert Kupp as a driver around then. He later built the Brute #71 which was a 32 Deuce Coupe and Sangston went on to win several trophys in the area and did very well for quite a while.
Junior's grandson Preston id this car after several years of viewers not be able to id it.
Photo #746

Contributed by Jim Farmer
Around 1955 also at Flying Saucier Speedway. Who is the driver? It says Little Eddie.
Photo #747

Contributed by Jim Farmer
Jim Farmer and the same car earlier. Who is with Jim?
Photo #748

Contributed by Jim Farmer
Joe Ballard of Muskogee was a regular at Razorback Speedway and a lot of the tracks on both sides of the Arkansas/Oklahoma line.
Photo #749

Contributed by Jim Farmer.
Lee Hull of Muskogee.
Photo #750

Contributed by Jim Farmer.
Eddie Cluck in 1966 at Razorback Speedway. Not sure where Eddie was from?
Photo #755

Contributed by Jim Farmer.
Carl Goldsmith drove this in 1968 at Razorback Speedway.
Photo 767

Contributed by Jim Farmer
Jackie Greb drove this at Muskogee and Mack Thompson drove it at Fort Smith in 1967.
I'm not sure many classic car collectors enjoyed seeing this.
Photo #768

Harold White drove this car at Razorback and area tracks in the late 60's
Photo #769

Contributed by Vic Bockholt
Bill Christie of Stilwell Ok at Fayetteville Speedway in the mid 70's. Yes that's right, it's a GTO body.
Photo #770

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