Kansas Supermodifieds
Of The 60's & 70's
Lap #23W
Drivers With The Last
Name Beginning With W

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More Of The Kansas Super Modifieds of Kansas that thrilled us.

Grady Wade & La Vern Nance from the early 60's.
Photo #163
Photo courtesy of Bob Lawrence.

Photo by Ken Gretemen.
Grady Wade from Wichita, KS in the Schippert #04.
Photo #133

Photo contributed by Brian Conn.
Grady Wade from Wichita in the Wilhelm #99, after a victory at Topeka on May 5, 1972.
Photo #369

Photo contributed by Monte Cole.
Grady Wade from Wichita with the Pat Suchy #33 in 1969 or 70 at OKC.
Photo #707

Grady Wade from Wichita drove for Aaron Maden in 1972.
Photo #289

Grady Wade & the Schippert car. Photo #159
Photo from the McCarty Speedway program.

Contributed by Ray Cunningham
Grady Wade at the Kansas State Fairgrounds in 1975 with the John Schippert #4. This would be Grady's last Hutchinson Nationals, as he would retire from racing the follow week.
Photo #762

Mark Walinder in the #78 from Ness City.
Photo #62

Photo contributed by Brian Conn.
From Topeka in the #77 it's Tony Webster.
Photo #374

Rich Wilson from Wichita drove this super.
Photo #32
Photo contributed by J.D. & Jannie Porter.

Photo contributed by Brian Conn.
Cliff "Woody" Woodward Kansas City MO drove the #25 in the early 70's. This super was owned by Richard Swope.
Photo #375

In the #92 from Arkansas City it's Dick Walker.
Photo #79

Photo from the 1977 NCRA Yearbook.
Jay Woodside in the Wilhelm #24 at Wichita Falls TX.
Photo #469

Jay Woodside from Wichita In the Wilhelm #99 at the 79 Hutchinson Nationals. This was actually 99x, because Harold Leep was also in #99. On the outside of Jay is Jiggs Found from Amarillo, TX.
Photo contributed by Mike Ehrlich.

Jay Woodside After Winning The 1st Chet Wilson Memorial Race, In The Chet Wilson Engine Special
Photo #33

Jay with Jerry Wilson and Jerry's Mother Althea, and I'm sure Chet was smiling down at all of them.
Photo #261

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