Kansas Supermodifieds
Of The 60's & 70's
Lap #19S
Drivers With The Last
Name Beginning With S

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Rick Salem #22 from Oberlin races with the Art Bybee #9 and #6 Randy Willigham.
Photo #66

Here's Rick Salem in 1979 on his way to a 3rd place finish at Wichita's NCRA.
Photo #67

Jim Selenke in the #43 from Wichita, and the late Walt McWhorter in the #98 from Wichita. The young drivers had some very good teachers at 81, and Walt was the master.
Photo #8

Shelby Steenson of Abilene drove this super for Richard Hanson of Lindsborg KS.
Jerald Hedberg of Lindsborg also drove this super in the early to mid 70's.
It was the last of the supers from the Salina KS area. It was also some of my first photos of race cars with a 110 camera. Richard brought it to Hutchinson's Salthawk Speedway (Mohawk). The old 1/4 mile on a Saturday night in probably 75 0r 76. This had to be the last open wheel car to run on the old track, and it was the first time in probably 10 years.
Photo #75

It's 1976 at the Hutch Nationals, and Shelby Steenson of Abilene is piloting the Isaac #6.
Photo #76

Photo by Ken Gretemen.
Jerry Stone(right) from Wichita back in the day (now Tulsa is home) and his dad M.C. Stone in 1969.
Photo #141

Jerry Stone in the Performance Engineering Car.
Photo #24

Herb Copeland in the #15 & Jerry Stone in the #24. Both cars were Performance Engineering cars.
Photo #25

Jerry and the crew celebrate after a win at 81 Speedway.
Photo #26

This is what the #24 looks like in the year 2001. Restored and owned by Paul Martens of Fairview OK. I believe it is probably restored to the 1975 version of the Performance Engineering #24, driven by Harold Leep, and owned by Warren (Jelly) Wilhelm.
Photo #27
Photo contributed by Kyle Willingham.

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