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This page is a tribute to Don Elliott. Don raced in the 50's and 60's.

All photos on this page were contributed by Dennis and the Elliott family.

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Don with the Brown #11 at Belleville. He drove this car as a sprinter and a supermodified from 1958-1961.
Jerry Hayes and Bill Covert also drove this car during the same time period.
Jerry and Don both broke their backs in this car.

Additional information supplied by Richard Still. Thanks Richard for this info on the above photo.

Roy Still, Topeka, Kansas was the owner of the Brown #11.
Jerry Hayes drove it most of the 1960 season winning the season Point title at Knoxville in the car.
Jerry was seriously injured in time trials at an IMCA event in Eldon, Iowa in August 1960 ending his driving for 1960. At that point he had amassed enough points to clinch the title at Knoxville.
The car was not damaged too badly and Don Elliott took over the driving after Jerry�s injury.
Don drove over another car�s wheel at an IMCA sprint car event at Lincoln in September 1960 and the resulting jar injured his back.
The car was not damaged and Bill Covert took over the driving for what little was left of the 1960 season.
Bill Covert finished second in the 1961 season points race at Topeka in the Brown #11.
The car was disassembled at the end of the 1961 season and parts of it were used to build the Blue #1 shown in Photo #872
Photo #870

Don in with the Jack Corwin Pontiac powered super at the Topeka Fairgrounds in 1961.
Photo #871

Don drove the this car known as the Blue #1 to the Jayhawk Nationals win in 1963.
Don drove this car in the 62, 63, and 64 seasons. He took home numerous wins throughout the midwest.

Additional information supplied by Richard Still. Thanks Richard for this info on the above photo.

Roy Still, Topeka, Kansas was the owner of the Blue #1.
As noted by Dennis Elliott, Don Elliott won the season point titles at Topeka in 1962, 1963 & 1964 in the Blue #1.
Ken Williams won the Topeka points title in the Blue #1 in 1965.
The Blue #1 ran an abbreviated schedule in 1966 with Thad Dosher in it. Thad set fast time and finished second in the 1966 Jawhawk Nationals.
After IMCA events at Sedalia, Lincoln, and Topeka the car was retired.
The Blue #1 sat idle from then on. After Roy Still�s death in 1983 it was sold several times and eventually ended up near Boston and was being raced in Vintage Sprint Car events up & down the eastern seaboard.
I purchased the Blue #1 in 2000 and it currently resides in my garage awaiting a new motor to get it back on the vintage car circuit.
Photo #872

This is the #4 John Stadler owned car Don drove in the 1965 season. They were plagued with reaccurring problems all season.
Photo #873

This was the former Cotton Bevitt Sprinter. Don raced this car one time late in the 1965 season.
Cotton had sold this car to someone in the Air Force. The cars sterring box broke and was unrepairable and was sold to someone in either Kentucky or Tennessee.
Photo #874

Photo contributed by Tony Wheeler
Don Elliott left drove this car owned and built by Richard Wachter ( in the plaid shirt) and Gale Lambert. in the 68-69 era.

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