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Monte Cole August 30th 2003 03:36:06 AM
Allen Tx
I was very sorry to hear that Del Torrance had passed away. Racing in the Tulsa area has lost one of its great pioneers. I have lots of pics of Del's cars at my house. Just a great car builder.

Tim Merrill August 28th 2003 06:00:38 AM
Thanks for the memories

KEN RAFFENSPERGER August 27th 2003 08:20:52 PM

Ernie Epperson August 27th 2003 08:01:00 PM
muscatine, IA
I Was really touched by the memorial section of this web site. I had recently found out that my favorite driver that I Cheared for in the 70's and 80's had past away last January.
Eddie Leavitt Sr. to me was a Hero of the dirt tracks around the midwest. In the early 70's watching him throw a Sprinter into the turns at Knoxville on a weekly bases was a real pleasure for this 12 year old kid. I wish there was some way to relive those times. But we can only relive this,
in our thought's and memories...Rest in Peace Eddie, and keep your elbow's up
What is the deal on Oct. 3 4 ?
I have a 49 or 50 flat ford --cross fire big car {sprint}
is it invited [email protected]
Just wanted to say this site is great and brings back many memories. I was luckey enough to help in a push truck during the 1968 and 1969 seasons at the Tulsa Speedway with Don Junegan. Thanks for the gread memories. Doug

Tommy Hahn August 24th 2003 06:47:43 PM
Sapulpa, OK
WOW!! Great site. My dad Emmett raced around the midwest and these pictures bring back very fond memories. We have been in racing for 40 years and still run the Chili Bowl Midget Nationals as well as the ASCS Sprint car series. We just recently sold Creek County Speedway after 19 years of operation. We are going to have a special USAC Silver Crown race at the Tulsa Fairgrounds on September 14th. The first auto race at the track in 18 years. Keep up the good work! Go fast and turn left!

Leland" Lee" Salmans 1958 McCarty Speedway Champion Dodge City Ks. August 20th 2003 10:26:40 AM
Larned Ks. Inracing years Now Orem, Ut
Richard Dougherty of Great Bend, Kansas, died this past July 2003 , He was my car owner #10 from 57' to about 62'0r63'.I started racing in 1957 and quit in 1969. Have flagged at Suntana Raceway in Springville, Ut. for 17 yrs. for John Miner. I started racing at the old Dodge City racetrack then the McCarty Speedway for Jack Merrick, and the old Larned race track in Larned also in Great Bend, Wakeeney, Osborne , Hutchinson , Wichita , Belleville, Liberal, Tulsa,Ok.City,and Yahoo Speedway in Salina where Dick Hendershot passed away . And many more that I can't recall at this time. I won 3 Chanpionships at the Dodge City Speedway and 2nd once. Also at Wakeeney Ks.( a great Track), won a chanpionship there , it was a half mile banked track then.The car I drove was a 32 Hudson super six. Also had a 64 cobra engine on a model a body.The frame was built by Vern Shrater and john Kunzelman of great Bend Ks.

Donnie Howard August 18th 2003 07:16:33 PM
Webb City Mo.
I have raced against and with many of these racers, Greentop,Ozark,69,66,Springfield Fairgrounds,Nevada, all speedways in SW Mo. Enjoyed your site very much, would like to contribute some of my pictures some day.

Pamela S. Maxwell (Potts) August 16th 2003 11:05:45 PM
Great Bend, Kansas
My dad is Gene Potts and he raced throughout Western Kansas. I remember going to Dodge City every Saturday night and Great Bend every Sunday night. I remember the Trego County Fair. Those were the days. My dad drove a jalopy, super modified and stock car through the years. He no longer drives but still enjoys the races. You may see him at the Nationals in Hutchinson or some of the tracks not far from Great Bend. I have racing in my blood. I was the first Miss Golden Belt Speedway (Great Bend). Because of that, I had the pleasure of being Trophy Girl at the Kansas State Fair. I still enjoy the races. I usually go to the local dirt track, Thunderhill (Mayetta, KS). I think this site is awesome.

Paula Hamby Funk August 14th 2003 06:30:09 PM
Born Kansas City Missouri Now in Marble Hill Georgia
Real Nice good to see so many racers from the area. Warren did you get the new stuff I sent you about my Dad? I hope I did it right I'm still a little slow with this high tech stuff. Well let me know. Take Care,Paula

Phillip Melton August 8th 2003 05:57:39 PM
North Richland Hills, Texas - Originally from Springfield, Missouri
I was the Springfield, Missouri Fairgrounds Speedway offical photographer and editor of The Fairgounds Racing News for several years during the early to mid 1970's. I covered racing from Shreveport, Lousiana to Knoxville, Iowa. I remember Terry was the only driver to come to the Springfield, Missouri Fairgrounds Speedway and beat our great local drivers, and win a track championship. Great driver, and his wife Claudia was one of the nicest ladies I ever met in my years of covering late model stock car racing in the midwest. Glad someone else still remembers the racers of our past.
Phillip Melton [email protected]

SARA LEEP August 8th 2003 03:01:55 AM

STEVE PASTORINO August 7th 2003 01:07:17 PM

Dennis Staggs August 6th 2003 11:18:32 AM
Russellville, Arkansas, formerly Wichita, Kansas
Great Web-Site! Really brought back some old memories. I became friends with Jimmy Harkness while he was living in Wichita in the very early seventies. I was fortunate to have traveled with him to a number of races and got to know him pretty well. He was a really great guy and a terrific driver. I was into motorcycle racing and also was friends with Terry Deathridge before he got into late model racing.

Barbara (Clawson) Stewart August 4th 2003 11:49:31 AM
Conroe Texas
Being married to Jim Clawson and being on the racing scene for many years.....your site brought back a lot of good memories. Your site is wonderful....and just want to tell you thanks for doing such a great job.

Jamie Clawson-Young August 4th 2003 06:47:25 AM
Derby, KS
Thanks for keeping up this site and all the hard work you put into this. We do appreciate it and I hope you continue to get support! Great memories !!!

Slave Dave August 2nd 2003 02:17:39 AM
T town area
John Kalb yelled a lot.

Mary Lynn Sikes Baldwin August 1st 2003 09:29:07 PM
Ochelata, OK
Thank you for bringing back memories and for recognizing my father, Jeff Sikes. I do miss the Saturday nights at the Tulsa Speedway. Back in the day when we had over 8,000 fans. It is hard to believe that my generation and even their children (Crawford, Armstrong, Hahn)are racing. Thanks again for the small glimps back into my childhood. I was very suprised to read about George Armstrong. My thoughts go out to you Mark and the entire Armstrong family.

Mike Howard July 31st 2003 11:53:48 PM
Oklahoma City
Really enjoyed the visit to the past. So many memories were rekindled. I've done dirt track photography since 1972. I was out of it for about 14 yrs. But got back into it about 3 yrs. ago. The really great thing about it is now all the former drivers and owners now have their kids racing! If you are looking for pictures, let me know. I worked at the Fairgrounds in OKC and made alot of NCRA event while working with Earl Mahoney. THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!!!!!

Mona McDuffie July 29th 2003 12:50:27 PM
I am looking for informaation on Paul McDuffie, killed 1960 at Darlington Raceway. If anyone has information, please contact me. I am also looking for pictures. Thank you

Dennis Dye July 28th 2003 07:29:54 AM
Warren, i read your comment's about the track surface at 81 speedway. you need to understand,c-ray hall will not take any pains to create a good race track. we all know what can be done to have a ideal track surface, but there is no effort at 81 to do it. a dry patch in turn 4 when the n.c.r.a. sprints were there is a good indicator that track preperation was not important, it probably would have required someone to spend some time and a few bucks to create a good track. i can remember walking across the track at the devel's bowl after the feature race and have my shoe's stick , a good preperation with equipment and wet water created a super surface for the outlaw's.

Jeanine Flenniken July 27th 2003 05:22:09 PM
Bartlesville, OK
I'm looking for any info on George Armstrong, and his son, Tony.

Steve McCallum July 27th 2003 02:49:45 PM
Grand Junction Co

Chuck Boyce July 27th 2003 11:59:35 AM
formerly Tulsa,Ok now Olpe,ks
This is the greatest! Brings back a lot of good memories about a bunch of good hearted folks. Does anyone know what ever happened to Bob Waller? I've lost track of him since I've moved away.

Steve White July 25th 2003 05:01:17 AM
Tulsa Ok
Just looking through some pics for Darrell Whiteside, Herschel Thompson, Jerry Ray, or my father Larry White

Monte Cole July 23rd 2003 09:07:19 PM
I am looking for some pics. The sequence of pics of the Johnny Boe and Benny Taylor wreck. And Al Lemmons hanging fromt he front stretch fence. Both were at Tulsa.

Colin Tawney July 21st 2003 03:39:21 PM
Tulsa, Ok
Thanks for posting this web site. I started going to Tulsa Speedway in 1975, and loved the NCRA-style super modifieds. I can't tell you how many fond memories came back to me as I read through the web site and viewed the photos. I was thrilled with how many photos there are from my heros of that time.
Thank you again, job well done!!

Josh Rice July 21st 2003 09:42:29 AM
Hi my name is Josh rice and i was looking for information or pictures about my dads cars. If you would happen to have any information or ever raced wiht him would you please e mail me? Oh by the way i guess you would need to know his name. It is Fred rice and he raced jalopys and super modifieds around the topeka area and other tracks around.I do know they held the lap recored at hutch at one time. Thanks for the help every body!

Bryan & Terri Glover July 20th 2003 03:16:11 AM
Wichita KS
Thank you for your coverage on Mr. Nance.

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